Training: How to Use CADScor®System

How to Perform a CADScor®System Assessment

  • The patient should relax for at least five minutes before the test.
  • Identify the IC4-L region on the patient’s chest and remove hair if needed.
  • Attach CADScor®Patch to the sensor using the assembly tool.
  • Add the patient’s clinical factors in CADScor®System.
Application and Recording
  • Place the sensor and CADScor®Patch to the IC4-L on the patient’s chest.
  • Inform the patient about the recording sequence, instruction sounds and how to breathe.
  • Start recording. Firstly, a pre-recording is conducted, followed by the main recording lasting less than three minutes.
  • Guided instructions on when to breathe are presented on the screen.
  • Do not speak during the recording sessions.
Data Analysis
  • The recorded sounds are automatically filtered and processed in the device.
  • The CAD-score result is displayed on the screen as a number between 0 and 99.
  • The same patch can be used up to four times if not removed from the patient’s chest.
  • The system will produce a QR code with the patient’s score.
  • This can be shared with the patient and added to their records. *
The CADScor®System: How it Works

CADScor®System is a point-of-care diagnostic aid that uses highly sensitive acoustics and advanced AI to analyze the patient's coronary blood flow.¹ In just 10 minutes, it calculates a patient-specific CAD-score, indicating the patient’s risk of coronary stenosis. CADScor®System has been used in 20,000 patient assessments² and has CE-marking and FDA De Novo clearance.

How it works

Instructional Videos

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CADScor®System: Introduction
CADScor®System: First time setup
CADScor®System: Preparation for use
CADScor®System Research, Development and Clinical Studies

CADScor®System is approved in Europe with CE-marking and has received FDA De Novo clearance as a diagnostic aid for symptomatic patients with suspected CAD. Multiple clinical studies have been published to demonstrate the CADScor®System performance.

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  1. Winther S, et al. Heart 2018;104:928–935 (Dan-NICAD I)
  2. Based on commercial patch use since 2017
*During patient consultation, physicians should use the CADScor®System as a diagnostic aid along with an evaluation of patient symptoms and past medical history.